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It is broadly recognized in most successful companies worldwide, that human capital and human resource development is being the key factor for enterprise competitiveness and survival in market-oriented economies. Annex College is a professionally managed service organization. People are its most important resource.
People in ACMS are not merely valued as a factor of production that can be utilized to achieve certain economic ends. They are valued as individuals, and not for skills do not exist independent of a person's background, his personal and emotional life.

   We at Annex College intend to bind a few things together.

. Need
. Resources
. Intellectual capital
. Supply &
. Opportunities, putting learning to practice and in learning from practice.

The new broader integrative management responsibilities require new skills and attitudes and more efficient methods. These are the challenges facing management training & development professionals & Institutions. The approaches and methodologies of management development, therefore will have to reach to meet challenges.
Organization believes that better people make a better Organization. In every action and in every transaction with one another, it is the responsibility of each individual in ACMS to put this belief into practice.