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Annex College of Management Studies is an undertaking of Annex Convent College – a noble venture started in 1990. The college has a unique distinction in being blessed and Guided by the Late Mother Teresa. From the time of commissioning, the Institution was sanctified by a distinguished lineage of luminaries, who with their valuable insights and inputs introduced a strong value system in the college that formed the core standards and philosophy of the Institute. These stalwarts, with their guidance in academics, and in other disciplines of life, helped us pursue and understand students, encouraging them to shine in their respective fields of study.

In the current set up, Annex College of Management Studies (ACMS) is one of the leading partner of All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi, that offers Post Graduate Diploma and Degree Programmes certified by leading Universities. ACMS is also associated with CONFEDERATION OF INDIAN INDUSTRY (CII), Eastern Region as institutional member, ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF INDIA (EDII), Punjab Technical University - Jalandhar, NMIMS University- Mumbai, NEN and several other professional bodies and Universities of repute to promote the furtherance of Management Education in our country.


We are witnessing a plethora of changes around us.  Liberalization, privatization and globalization have resulted in a phenomena growth in opportunities, principle and practices in various streams, undergoing fast metamorphosis. What is then the fulcrum of SUCCESS in today's Global village ? The answer is undoubtedly Quality. Business is changing globally, politically and economically and there is now easy access to newer markets, with advanced Logistics and physical distribution systems.

With the MNC threat surfacing into reality, it is then that every company wants to have an extra edge over the rest to survive this global competition. To cope with this changing global scenario, managers are expected to respond with an open mind that can quickly adapt to the transforming business environment, through regular alternations and adaptations in innovating organizational practices
Today the industry needs trained human resources and here arises the need for management and IT training schools. B-schools are fast emerging as a universal answer to the various marketing problems. This on the whole has spurred the increase for Management and IT employment opportunities. In this kind of an evolving market, one must realize one's potential to be a complete manager, that when boned with education can be implemented in his/her stream of business.And this could only be possible if one has the courage to dream; the thirst to know, the passion to excel, the conviction to break free, the vision to build, the skill to achieve and the character to inspire.
We at ACMS take pride in grooming such a generation of knowledge seekers. Since 1990, more than 20,000 dreamers have found their choice of career in reality with us. For the education industry, it's an epoch-making contribution. For ACMS, it's a journey that has just begun. We believe in creating the nation of true learners who wouldn't only believe in building assets but into building capabilities, wouldn't just focus on bigger figures but on creating values too. A nation of youngsters that would be well networked, and outspread in independent parts as well as interdependent to each other, and thus together be empowered. ACMS – "Centre for Management & Technical education" aims to offer such a nation of youth to it's students, the corporate community and the industries and assures that our commitment to Success will only grow stronger with each day.
                                                                                                                       Vikash Kumar Singh


Young Students are like Diamonds. All they need for their talent to shine is a mentor that can polish their    skills and motivate them to strive for higher Goals. We at ACMS take pride in having guided an entire    generation of knowledge seekers.

Since 1990, more than 20,000 careers dreams have become a manifest reality with us. For the Indian    knowledge industry, it's an epoch-making contribution. For ACMS, it's a journey that has just begun.

we thank you for all the support and encouragement. And we assure you that our commitment to student's success will only grow stronger each day.
                                                                                                                       Smt. Shikha Singh


To become the world class center in providing globally relevant Management and IT Education.


To harness the professional competence of the Nation's human recourses by providing world class Management and IT education using state of the art technology.

To bring the metamorphosis in the country's Management and IT scenario by reaching the would be managers across the country through a deep-rooted Management and IT development. To create and develop technocrats, entrepreneurs and business leaders who could strive to improve the quality of human life.


A front-runner in the field of Management & IT Education today ACMS has started their Journey of Success in the year 1990 with a single campus at 77 Lenin Sarani, Kolkata with only eight nos of Students. Since then at present ACMS has Four Campuses as well as separate hostels for Boys and Girls in the heart of the City with all necessary infrastructure, including AC Classrooms equipped with Audio & Video systems, LCD & OHP, Digital Libraries, Computing Lab etc providing adequate backup to highly qualified & experienced faculty members. This has enabled ACMS students to achieve milestones in academic achievements in the form of AIMA Gold Medals consistently for the last 5 years.

ACMS with over 1500 students design Student Information System (SIS) and several Digital Classrooms, was one of the first educational centers to go WiFi , Access control entry and attendance in the Eastern Region. A student can sit on any place of the campus, and get connected to the web world.

Future Plans
ACMS firmly believes that the learning experience extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. Hence we plans to build world class state of the art Campus where

 # Entrepreneurship Skills can be harnessed to the fullest
 # Research & developmental activities related to Commerce & Industry can be undertaken & executed
 # Employment opportunities can be created in order to expand the horizon of social commitment.